Our Masonic obligation doesn’t end at the sound of the last gavel. As Webmasters of the Craft, our charge is no less than any other Brother. That is why NYMasons.Org’s webmaster has chosen the project for the Digital Square Club of New York to challenge and assist our Brethren to meet the digital needs and wants of the Masonic Care Community.

At Wiley Hall and the Health Care Pavilion, tablets, iPods, and headphones are used for residents to Skype, for their Linked Senior Program, and their certified Music Therapy Program. Even gently used devices of nearly all kinds can be purposed for the benefit of these programs and other uses. These following gift challenges represent opportunities for us to impact the quality of life of our dear residents and fulfill those duties each of us has sworn to uphold.

How it Works:

  • Publicize an ongoing drive for new and gently used devices at your lodges and district meetings
  • Collect and ship to the masonic Care Community or drop off at St. John’s Day (at the Health Pavilion before 4pm on Saturday)

All donors should identify themselves or their lodge or organization on packages.

All questions can be directed to Bro. Ken JP Stuczynski at 716-868-1329 /

Challenge to Brothers

The Gift of Time

Pledge a Day With Our Residents

We challenge every webmaster, for lodge, district, or of a Masonic body, to help our residents use and be connected through our digital device gifts.

2018 Official MCC Digital Wish List

 Laptops  Rehabilitation  $ 600  4
 32″ LED TV’s  Nursing  $330  6
 42″ LED TV’s      
 43″ LED TV’s  Nursing  $400  6
 Clock Radios  Rehabilitation  $ 20  31
 White Boards  Rehabilitation  $25  31
 Bariatric Lift Chair  Nursing  $1150  4
 Lift Chair  Nursing  $ 600  4
 Rocker Glide  Rose Garden  $ 6000  1
 Vital Signs Monitoring Machines  Nursing  $ 3000  15
 iTunes Gift Cards    $ any amount  ?

$1,000 – Monetary donations to be used for Resident Bingo Prizes…

For more information on any if the items listed, or larger projects, please contact Victoria Cataldo, Director of Development, at -or- 315-798-4703.


You may save time and effort by just having the devices shipped directly to the facility… Please include your District / Lodge Name – so we can properly credit the gift ! Send the devices to:

Victoria Cataldo, Director of Development
Wiley Hall / Adult Care
2150 Bleecker Street
Utica, NY 13501