The Grand Lodge is in the process of establishing District and Lodge site guidelines: Standards & Best Practices. These are to establish minimum standards guidance and consistency, and in no way are meant to be authoritative over local leadership and responsibility to have more content than this on your site, not less… They also may assist in developing ideas for the content, form and function of the website.

  • District Website Standards & Best Practices
  • Lodge Website Standards & Best Practices
  • Outdated Design Practices to Avoid
  • Appropriate Content
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  • SEO Considerations
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The Corner Stone to build on; circa 1998 Grand Lodge Standards:

Regional, District, Area, and Lodge Websites Requesting Links

If you want your Lodge listed without a link go to end of this section

In order to have your Website listed in the Grand Lodge of New York Website a few rules must be followed.

1. No direct links to Grand Lodges in other Jurisdictions or to their elected or appointed Officers.

2. No direct links to the Grand Line Officers (Elected or Appointed), Committees, or Employees, of the Grand Lodge of New York with three exceptions; you may directly link to:

– the Brotherhood Website

– the Livingston Library

– the Medical Research Lab.

3. No direct links to other Lodges, organizations or concordant bodies which are not presently recognized by the Grand Lodge of New York.

4. No direct links to commercial Webpages with the following exceptions:

– web counters

– guestbooks

– link exchange

– awards received

– advertiser(s) (should be Mason or Masonic) who support your Website

5. No direct links to Websites within the State of New York which are non-compliant to these rules.

6. No duplication of Grand Lodge Website information or pages (This does not include format, “graphics”, or subjects.) Photos on the Grand Lodge of New York Website are copyrighted and cannot be copied or duplicated without permission. Informational subjects maybe the same as long as the content was not copied. For example, many areas have a Child ID program, this may be discussed as long as the information was of your own making and not copied from the Grand Lodge Site.

7. The subordinate Website must have a link to the Grand Lodge of New York Website predominantly displayed on the “Home” page. The Grand Lodge Seal “graphic” and the words “Grand Lodge of New York F&AM will be used. Both the graphic and the words will be linked. I will supply the graphic via attached email.

8. The responsible individual, Webmaster, will supply his name, address, phone, email address, and site URL along with either a statement that he has permission from the presiding WM of his Lodge or DDGM of his District (if a district site) and will be completely responsible for the content of his site.

9. It would be appropriate, BUT NOT REQUIRED, that the Webmaster join the International Guild of Masonic Webmasters. This is free – no cost.

After the request is made and information is received the Webpage in question will be checked. If it complies, the Grand Lodge “gr 5f1 aphic” will be sent, and once added to the site as explained above a link will be added to the Grand Lodge Website. If it does not comply, the reason for non-compliance will be communicated via Email to the requester.


It is highly recommended that if you have a Masonic Website in the jurisdiction of New York, that you list your page, and conform to the rules above.

For Lodges requesting a Listing only, send via EMAIL the Following Information: Lodge Name and Number, District, Address in Full (location not mail address), Meeting Night/s and Time, Lodge Phone Number, and a statement that you have permission of the WM of the Lodge to list the Lodge on the Internet.