An “official website” is a website that the leadership uses exclusively internally and externally for a particular purpose.


The designation of “official” is a decision by the leadership, but with some consideration of the leadership of authoritative bodies looking to link to them. In other words, a district site may not meet basic standards and best practices and therefore not be linked from the Grand Lodge site; A lodge website may not be linked to by a district site for similar reasons. After all, the collectively represent the craft, and an unprofessional presentation or message is everyone’s responsibility.

Clandestine Sites

There are sometimes “clandestine” websites for various Masonic groups, meaning ones that are not official but are still visible to the public. Some examples of circumstances:

  • A site done by a brother without request or authorization by anyone
  • A site done by a brother taking the initiative under their own authority, but not used by the respective body
  • A site that filled a role that has been replaced by another, official site
  • An old site that has been replaced but it still live

This designation does NOT include personal Masonic sites, blogs, or other web presences that do not purport to represent a lodge, district, or other body.