“CURB” stands for “Contingency Upon Retirement or Bereavement”.

It is the term for actions or information necessary to recover control of a web site or other digital asset in the event a webmaster or other person is unable to fulfill their duties for any reason. This usually involves more than one person having access or the ability to gain access in the course of an emergency or necessary continuation of control.

Such circumstances in which CURB Protocol would be used include:

  • Change in Personnel
  • Unexpected Death
  • Relocation / Lost Contact
  • Non-responsiveness
  • Sabotage or Asset Hostage
  • Alien Abduction

One way to plan for a CURB issue is to have a Digital Asset Record (DAR), meaning some file in physical and/or digital form that outlines all access links and logins for a website and related web services. This may include:

  • Domain name registration account login info
  • Hosting provider and account login info
  • Server login (hosting control panel, FTP, etc.)
  • Website login (if using a CMS)
  • List Serv credentials (if DSCNY Member) login info
  • Facebook page and other Social Media account login info
  • Google account (email, calendar(s), cloud file storage) login info